Asphalt Roof
Asphalt shingle roofs are one of the most popular roofs offered by All Seasons 4 Roofing. They are popular because of their look, cost and maintenance. Asphalt shingle roofs are easy to install and can be more affordable than compared to other roofing material.

Many factors determine price such as size and slope of the roof. That is why every All Seasons 4 Roofing customer relationship starts with a free roof inspection. This way we can determine the extent of your asphalt shingle roof repair and make recommendations. We also install full roof replacements and new construction roof installations. There are different types of asphalt shingles and with our consultation we will inspect your structure and recommend the right asphalt roofing shingles that both meet your needs and budget.

We work in Brantford, Simcoe, St. George, Brant County, other places in Southern Ontario.

Flat Roof Repair and Installation
All Seasons 4 Roofing can repair and install many types of flat roofing systems. Our team of trained, experienced and qualified installers has years of experience with both residential and commercial flat roofs. If you’re considering a flat roof installation in Brant or the surrounding areas, be sure to check us out.

Hot Tar Roof
Tar and gravel roofs are usually made of 3 to 5 laminated layers of asphalt base sheets, hot tar, and roofing felt. A top layer of bitumen and extra top mineral coating is also added. Light colored gravel is used to cover the dark layers. The gravel weighs down the roofing materials, protects the layers against sun damage, and reflects some of the sun’s light. An even layer of gravel must be kept on the roof at all times and some gravel should remain loose to protect your roof from puncturing

Firestone Rubber Membrane
EPDM Roofing Systems – Firestone Building Products Canada Ethylene propylene diene monomer, better known as EPDM is a versatile rubber roofing membrane that has been used in the low-slope commercial roofing industry for over half century. EPDM offers a variety of installation options and numerous long term benefits, such as superior weatherability, exceptional wind uplift resistance, extreme flexibility and more. To check this out. Please click here.